At NOSTALGIC MALLS, we honour and remember malls from the yesteryears. This collection of malls were all established between the 1970s to the 1980s. Unfortunately, many have been left in the back burner as newer malls are springing up across the island at a rapid pace.

However, aged as they may be, our aim is to ensure that these malls are never totally forgotten as Singapore surges on into the future.

With Singapore’s independence in 1965, the establishment of these malls are synonymous with the growing-up years of the country. For many, these malls are associated with the difficult times, as well as the good times Singapore has gone through, and as such, hold a special part in their lives. With the advent of the modern days, the development of Singapore’s shopping district and the increase of income, many younger Singaporeans have shied away from these veteran malls.

We hope you take a trip down memory lane with us and revisit what these malls had to offer then and what they offer now. Feel free to contribute to our collection by posting photos on our Facebook page or  be leaving comments, memories or even opinions of these older malls.

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