Golden Mile Complex


Golden Mile Complex, formerly known as Who Hup Complex is located at 5001 Beach Road. Golden Mile Complex is most well known today for its many travel agencies as well as a large concentration of stores, supermarkets and restaurants that cater to the Thai community in Singapore.

Golden Mile Complex is located near the Singapore riverfront and the Lavender area.  Completed in 1973, Golden Mile Complex was one of many early pioneers of developments that integrated many different operations into a single building. Besides accommodating businesses, Golden Mile Complex is also a residential development with apartment living within its podium and stepped terrace structure.

Touted as a ‘collective form’, successfully propagating high-density usage and diversity. Golden Mile Complex is renown in Singapore throughout it’s existence for it’s unique design.

One Response to “Golden Mile Complex”

  1. Jonathan Liu November 20, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    Golden Mile Complex! Was very fond of this place. in fact when this place was first built i owned an apartment facing the sea. such beautiful memories, getting married, my first son, my first car. sadly we had to leave, the place just wasnt right for raising a family. but it’s amazing how this place is still around. Kudos to this website! Glad i found this on one of my web surfing sessions.

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